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Dr. Glenn Haws

Heart Disease
Dr Glenn Haws has had a triple by-pass operation, seven stents and a heart attack since 2000. He was taking medicine for high cholesterol, high blood pressure reflux and heartburn, stents and chest pain. He was unable to even go out to the mailbox without sever chest pain. After a year of being restricted to his Lazy-boy a neighbor introduced him to ProArgi9 and five weeks later he could do any activity he wanted. Now Dr Glenn Haws is off all 6 of his medications.

John Hewlett

Heart Disease
Heart Disease is everywhere in my family history. My father died at 62, grandfather at 66, uncle at 57 and my cousin at 49. My blood pressure was 150/90 and I was not doing well. ProArgi-9 changed my life. I recently took the Maps Anaerobic Test and it said I had the circulation of a 17 year old.


Karen Hewlett
Restless Leg Syndrome, DHEA, Diabetic.
ProArgi9 cured my Restless Leg syndrome after living with it since I was a child . I had my blood chemistry done and found that I am producing DHEA like a 21 year old. I am also Diabetic and with ProArgi9 my blood work has been ideal.

Jean Riggs
Heart Disease, Sleep Apnea.
When Jean was rushed to the hospital with pains in her chest and was quickly admitted and given two heart stints it started a search for heart health for her and her twin sister. The twins flew to Palo Alto and became patients of Dr. Prendergast. After following Dr. Joe’s protocols which included taking ProArgi9 Plus, Jean was breathing on her own, was able to exercise, and began taking her life back.

High Blood Pressure.
I got turned down for my pilots license because of my high blood pressure. It was 160/100. I took ProArgi-9 for 3 weeks and passed the physical.